How the Befriending Service can help you

St.Helens Mind is a voluntary organisation working with people living in the Borough, who are aged 18+ and who experience distress or isolation because of mental health difficulties. The Befriending Service will provide support for people who feel isolated or alone due to the effects of mental illness.


Who is a Befriender and how can they help you?

A Befriender is someone who can be there just for you; to listen to you and give you some time when you most need it.


A Befriender can also:


  • Visit you at home

  • Go shopping with you

  • Visit the doctor with you, or accompany you on other appointments

  • Give you information about local clubs, groups etc

  • Accompany you on new ventures, such as clubs or classes, for the first time

  • Support you during a difficult period

Telephone Befriending


We are now offering Telephone Befriending for people on our Befriending Service list who may be waiting some time to find a suitable befriender.


  • Weekly phone calls with a St Helens Mind Volunteer

  • Reduce Isolation

  • Talk about common interests

  • General  Chat

  • Become more confident


How does the Service work?


Someone from the Befriending Service will visit you at home with another colleague, support worker or your carer to assess your needs and suitability for the service, and later introduce you to a volunteer. Your Volunteer Befriender can visit you at home and support you in whichever way is the most appropriate for you. You can plan together if you would like to be visited at home or go out and enjoy social activities.


The Befriending Service aims to

  • Improve self confidence

  • Improve self esteem

  • Reduce isolation caused by mental ill health

  • Reduce loneliness

  • Enable people to cope with their lives beyond the Befriending Service


Being part of the Befriending Service will enable you to:


  • Express your concerns/feelings and have them listened to

  • Find companionship and friendship

  • Get practical support

  • Get assistance with developing self-help and coping skills


Are you interested?


If you think the Befriending Service can help you, please ask for a referral form. Call the Befriending Service Team on 07912 059881 . You can either complete the referral form yourself or it can be completed by your key worker, social worker or another professional who is working with you. When the completed form is received, someone form the St.Helens Mind Befriending Service Team will contact you to arrange a meeting to discuss your situation and how we may be able to help.