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Making A Difference: Our Remarkable Volunteers

With a very small team of just four part time staff, St. Helens Mind could not operate successfully without our dedicated volunteers. You may be surprised at the skills and experience our volunteers bring with them.

Volunteers not only help with the roles of befriending someone on a one to one basis or helping the social groups to run smoothly, they bring a wealth of skills to help us enhance our services and develop new projects.

We have the very talented Stuart who leads an art class; Sally who enthuses group members with craft projects, Dene and Michelle who not only get involved in our allotment project but manage a Ladies Creative Group. Shazz who gets stuck in at the allotment with Becca and Steve supporting those who attend. Jim not only helps Graham with the Men's Group, he has helped fundraise by planning and entertaining at two concerts.

Some volunteers facilitate the social groups, freeing staff to concentrate on other projects; this is where Les, Shirley, Anne and Rod bring their organisational skills to the fore. Rob has recently started a new group where he uses his sound recording skills to capture poetry and music with a group of people who use our service. Rosemary's Reading for Wellbeing Group meets weekly and has a themed session to explore various styles of literature and discuss the impact on the readers.

There are numerous roles for volunteers; we have a fundraising planning group who hosted a hugely successful family fun day in summer, with over 400 people attending. They help at community events, give their perspective when we deliver training to new volunteers and even help with publicity and awareness raising.

With around 50 volunteers, not all of them can be named, but their contribution to St.Helens Mind and our services is undoubtedly paramount to our success.

Would you like to find out more? As you can see, there are many opportunities to volunteer and these can bring great rewards. You could gain confidence, learn new skills, make friends, help people who really need your support and have fun! email for details or call 01744 647089 for a chat.

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