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Are you a Co-op Member? you can help us to raise vital funds when you shop

Co-op members have chosen to support St.Helens Mind as part of the Local Community Fund.

Since the funding round started in last November, Co-op members have raised a total of £1,441.38 for our cause. and we will receive another payment of £566.70 soon. This is a huge amount for our tiny charity. We don't employ a fundraiser and aim to raise funds for many of our services via the community and the generosity of individuals and local businesses. We do not receive any formal funding for our 10 social groups and extra activities we are involved in from time to time

There’s still 4 months of the funding period left to go with £2,968.50 up for grabs in our community. So we would like to encourage existing Co-op members to choose St.Helens Mind as their cause. Or why not become a member today. If you live within a 15 mile radius of the Elephant Lane store in Thatto Heath our partnered store) you can still select us as your chosen cause by amending the location on the website when you join or log in. Go here to find out more;


the St.Helens Mind Team

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