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Wow, another local profile and fundraising initiative to help St. Helens Mind. This shows how much local people are becoming increasingly aware of the need for service like ours, we can really help people in need of support who are isolated due to mental health difficulties.We are local, we help local people and have to raise our own funds for a large part of our services too. Every amount, no matter how big or small goes a long way. Thanks to everyone who supports us and to our latest supporters at Forge Fitness.


Hi all, tonight sees the start of Daniel Forster taking his class at the gymnasium Rainhill High School Group. I say this every week, dans classes are unbelievable. So different from anything I've seen. As most if you these classes will be making a donation to St. Helens Mind and I've been talking to them to make sure we're going to make the most of this opportunity to raise as much awareness and money as possible. Please visit and like their page. Also to note that the Sunday classes at the high school will welcome children above 14 years old at a reduced price of £2:50 and it would be great to see parents and children training alongside each other. I'll be at Longton Lane Community Primary School at 6pm for my class tonight and we're going in the other hall tonight so come in through the other gates where there is another car park ❤🥊❤🥊

— feeling blessed.

Gary crickson

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