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Social Groups

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St.Helens Mind Social Groups are for people who are experiencing mental health problems and who would benefit from an enjoyable, safe and welcoming place to meet with others.

People who attend the Mind social groups come from all backgrounds, all walks of life and have many interests and experiences. If you are aged 18+ and experience mental health difficulties and feel you would benefit from joining one of the groups please contact us to find out more.

We can arrange for you to visit the group of your choice and see if you would enjoy it. After a couple of visits you would have the option to be referred to the group or refer yourself. You would then be able to attend regularly.  At the groups, people can enjoy discussions, quiet time to read, board games, cards, dominoes, guest speakers and information sessions, occasional days out and evening meals, making friends and socialising. We provide light refreshments at a small charge and the opportunity to be part of planning ahead for the group.

Groups aim to:


  • Provide a place to go for company and mutual support

  • Build confidence and self-esteem

  • Give you the opportunity to contribute skills and experience

  • Support recovery

  • Provide support to access mainstream opportunities

  • Develop social skills

  • Lessen isolation


Making a referral:

St.Helens Mind accepts referrals to Groups from individuals, health professionals, family, or other support workers. We welcome referrals from people who have become isolated or who are experiencing difficulties due to their mental health problems and would benefit from the support of a social group.

We cannot accept referrals for:

  • People who pose a threat or danger to others, and are actively using illicit substances or abusing alcohol.

  • People who need more specific intervention than St.Helens Mind can offer.



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