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Urgent Appeal

Are you a local business or individual who would be able to help us in difficult times?

Our ability to fundraise, as we have previously, has come to a halt during the COVID-19 pandemic. For us, community fundraising events, activities and donations have been our lifeline to keep services running. Without this funding we will not be able to continue to support the most vulnerable in our local communities.

We are a small local charity giving much-needed support to people affected by mental health problems: a lot of our people live alone with long term needs.  We provide this support by offering 33 people a 1-1 Befriending Service, for which we do get funding from Statutory Authorities.

However, the majority of the help we give is through the provision of social groups and community activities, encouraging social interaction and a sense of belonging, which in turn leads to increased self-assurance and confidence, and less reliance on other, more expensive, statutory services.  We support well over 150 people every month who regularly attend our 15 very diverse groups and activities.  These groups are funded entirely from public donations which have now stopped coming in.

Whilst we can offer telephone support as an alternative to some, the number of volunteers we have for this time-consuming service is limited, and we desperately need to recruit more.  We have also been able to help some of our clients by ‘virtual’ groups and social media. However, the most vulnerable of our people are those who live alone and have no internet access, so do need telephone contact.

Demand for our support is increasing and we now have 68 people, recently referred to us, to whom we cannot currently give any assistance.

Around a quarter of our income has historically been from community fundraising, and before the present crisis, we had a strategy in place to double this during 2020. Of course, this will not be happening for the foreseeable future. We are also aware that once this crisis is over, we will see more people needing our services as mental illness is on the increase.

We hope that you can help us in this time of crisis so we can continue to provide, and in due course expand, our services provided in St.Helens. For further information please contact me at the email address



Jean Aldred,

Acting Chair

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