We all like to know that we are spending our money wisely.

Below is a list of ways in which your donation could be spent, to support those in the local area who need it most.


Develop our projects * Continue running our Garden Project * Help us set up new projects

Maintain good standards of training and support for volunteers

Train more volunteers to help us fundraise and attend events

As you can see, any donation you make, big or small, will make such a big difference to the lives of the people who use our services. If you would like your donation to go to a specific project or be spent in a particular way, please let us know.

£5      volunteer expenses for each one to one Befriending Session

£10    to process a police check

£15    to have invaluable Volunteer Supervisions every 6 weeks

£20    to process a referral to enable a person to access our services

£30    towards games and activities equipment at the Social Groups

£40    to make a person ‘Volunteer Ready’

£50    for a social group weekly session

£60    a month to maintain the toilet/hygiene facilities at the Allotment/Garden

£100  per year for catering and hygiene items at sessions and meetings

£200  for production of leaflets

£300  to provide an Induction session for up to 15 new volunteers

£400  for art and craft materials

£420  to make our second office internet ready

£450  to enable our vital internet use

£500  to keep our volunteers up to date with training sessions

£600  to ensure all our police checks are kept up to date each year

£1000  to sustain the Allotment / Garden Project for one year

£1000  to keep the Ladies Craft Group running for one year

£2000  for a Volunteer Befriender to support someone for a year

£10,000 for a years tenancy with an office, groups space and meeting room provision

And this one is priceless!

Our ‘Match Meetings’ are the most exciting and rewarding events!

This is when a volunteer meets the person they aim to support, for the very first time.

It is where the magic happens! It is the springboard for recovery for many people who

access our Befriending Service and always an inspiring and exciting time for the team as well.