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It's been a while - but we are here to help!

It’s been a while but we have been incredibly busy putting services in place and applying for funds to enable us to continue to work in new ways. As well as contacting all our members to ensure they are coping and offering advice and information, we have been making our Facebook page interactive with live stories, quizzes, puzzle and chat.

I can’t thank the volunteers for keeping this going as the staff maintain contact with people already part of our service. You can still be referred to our service but at the moment we are limited in how we can help.

We are working from home but go and check the office once a week. However, we have had a problem with our office phone and cannot retrieve messages so I apologise for this and can assure you we have some techy people going fixing it this week. We will then we able to catch up on any missed calls.

If anyone would like a referral form for services when they resume please email We are about to launch a new telephone befriending service for this difficult period of time. This is in its planning stage and more information will follow.

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